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I absolutely love the staff and pediatricians with Pediatric Associates of Lakeland! (I just want to add that I am a first time mom, who doesn't know ANYTHING about newborns, insurance, what has to be done with-in so many days after leaving hospital, ect...on top of being a complete emotional hot mess!) I had made an appointment at ANOTHER pediatrician for the newborn follow up after being discharged from the hospital. After sitting and waiting 40 mins past my app. time I am told that i never filed for my daughters birth certificate b4 leaving the hospital and although the insurance was active I needed to contact the medicaid and reschedule. They wouldnt even give me the number to call or phone to use. On my way home I passed by Pediatric Associates of Lakeland and stopped. I had no idea how to explain why the first office wouldnt see me, because I really didnt understand the explanation I was given. Jenna, at the front desk, managed to calm me down, get my insurance info, call and help me give the info needed to complete the insurance right then. On top of that..my daughter was seen w/o an appointment as a new patient that day, less than 10 min wait. That was 2 years ago. Its hard for me to go to Walmart without feeling judged, criticized or "looked down upon" for somthing. The staff at the Edgewood office go above and beyond and I cant thank them enough.

-Kinsley's Mom

Jamie L D | September 6, 2019

I have 3 boys that have been going to Pediatric Associates of Lakeland since my oldest was 2 months old. He is now 14, and my other two are 10, and 9 1/2. Rachael Ray MD, Dorinda Raulerson ARNP, Jennifer Bath NP, Laura Aul NP, and Michele R. Tucker DO are awesome with the children. They take the time, even when they are extremely busy, to listen to the concerns of the parents and answer questions in layman's terms so we can understand. The only person that I have ever had a problem with at this office is Dr Dorothy Ray MD. She misdiagnosed my son and if I hadn't gotten him to the ER when I did, he could have died. I haven't let my children see her, nor have I recommended anyone else let their children see her. I suggest you have your children see anyone else except her. Besides that one incident I had, I don't have anything bad to say about this practice and would recommend Pediatric Associates of Lakeland to everyone looking for a pediatrician for their children.

Brianya W | February 9, 2018

All three of my children have seen Dr. Ray since birth, they are now 15, 16, and 18. There is no other office I would trust to care for my children's medical/ health needs.

Misty R | December 6, 2017

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